Tuesday, January 20, 2004


Got back for CNY holls yesterday. had a reallly long journey back but was good i guess. Went out with a few school friends at night. really had fun cause we had loads to catch up on.these girls are really great and i've known them since primary school!some friends.....we keep for life! owhh we also met a few so-called friends who called us just out of the blue.(apparently they just wanted to have the longest table at the mamak stall!!) such pretentious freaks who act all nice in front of you but bitch about you behind your back. Well those girls...will probrably be bitches for life. People like that are popularity leeches and i'm soooo glad i never wasted any of my high school life with them. total scumbags.
oooo met kennedy as well. farny guy. nicest in the lot.too bad he's not in MMU anymore.
woke up really early today.....been doodling on my guitar. I kinda sprayed it all white and drew some designs on it. :D yes i'm REALLY bored. Givin my kapok a makeover seemed like a pretty good idea. Owhh btw...i'm still in my jammies....its 2 something in the afternoon.i really should go take a shower....and get something to eat. This is NOT good....not good at all! Boredom has enveloped me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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