Monday, January 12, 2004

Good shit*

Today seems like an exceptionally LOOONGGG day.Got up quite early and did my quite time.Read this devotion material online and one line that struck me most was "crucify the flesh and walk in the spirit".I guess that no matter what comes our matter what we face-trials, temptations we shud just lean on God and not give in to the flesh. Easier said than done i know. But i REAALLLy thank God for giving me the strength to say NO.Since i decided to change and re-dedicate my life to Him i've felt how REAL He is. It's not like i've seen mountains moving or the earth shaking but its just a sense of calmness i've never experienced before.I just sense in my heart that nothing can go wrong today.If i've surrendered my day to God....nothing can bring me down.Some might think of me foolish cause of course shit happens eh but i believe God changes things so i'll only be experiencing GOOD shit! LOL.
I'm still sick with a massive headache which has been bugging me from last night.eheh.NOOOO i'm not some weakling who's ALWAYS sick.....i just happen to have allergies which tend to develop into something else...and then into something else and then into a full blown something else!
Well I pray i get well really SOON. Have got so much to do and can't afford to be sleeping all the time.
Loads of media law tutorials to catch up on(sucky subject!).


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