Sunday, January 25, 2004

Guess what? i'm sick agin! down with a cold, a really bad cough and lung congestion.Doc sed its cause of all the ciggie smoke i'm exposed to.People at home smoke as if they've got lungs of steel!
Kinda miss Cyberjaya already. Hoping to get back on monday or tuesday but doubt i'll be feeling better by then.Still havent gotten down to doin my storyboards.Cant seem to work from home at all! :(( *haihh* dunno if i'll be able to get it all done on time.really worried bout that.
Well besides being sick and all....i guess i've had a pretty interesting time at home.My family and I took a drive to Ipoh on friday and just hung out together. We havent done that in like 4 years! I cant remember a time when we actually had all 5 of us doing something together! Then on saturday my parents, my sis and I went for a walk around a new housing area nearby......and again.....I havent done that for a couple of years!And it turned out to be fun. We kinda stumbled upon an unlocked house still unfinished and we just walked right in.(Is that illegal???) It was this really huge 3 story house with 7 bedrooms!!!pretty cool crib.
At night me and a friend decided to go out clubbing. Know I shouldn't have gone but a friend from Taiping was down and he was all eager to get out and yes i caved!!! Well I didnt drink at all.....just had a jug of ice water and was just layan-ing music and having ridiculous conversations cause we could hardly hear each other over the music plus those people were too high to even remember what we talked about.
Well we left at bout 4 am and the stoopidest thing happend. I dozed off!!!!I was on the left lane on the bridge and the next thing i know my friend was yelling at me to wake up and she yanked the wheel.I was heading right for the devider on the right lane.Was only a few inches away!I really thank God nothing happened cause the bridge was quite crowded being a saturday night and all plus my friend had wayyy too much to drink and I wouldnt have had expected her to be alert at all!!!
*crap* i had a whole load of other things to say but i dozed off at the com.Medication is probrably kicking in.I'll just leave the rest for another day.


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