Tuesday, January 27, 2004

i wanna be a fishieeee

I'm sittin here looking up companies for industrial training and it aint all that fun.I don't really wanna work in an advertising agency I feel more like working in a production company but dread all the work and well.....a bunch of people just told me i shouldnt and that i'd be getting myself into a whole load of crap. I'm still praying for direction and hopefully something will come up soon.
I spent the day trying to do some sketches for the storyboard but ended up doodling cartoon characters while watching music videos.
Later in the evening I decided to salvage what's left of my room cause i just realised there's nothing in there that's mine anymore.well after much poking around....all i found was my first copy of 'Phases' and an old Synchronized swimming guidebook.That kinda brought back LOADS of memories. Made me really regret quitting the team. But then again...there wasn't really much of a team with all the politics involved in sports.*sighh*
Wonder where i'd be if I took on synchronized swimming full time. But owhh well.....i can hardly even remember what all the positions are called!
I remember the dolphin, tub, split, the knight,fishtail, and there's the ballet leg, catalina, the spins which i never could master and the crane, flamingo, pirouette, albatross, barracuda, aurora,(they all look the same!!!) gaviata, heron, swordfish, and ariana. There's still like sooooo many more to remember and learn....but owhh well...those were the days. ehehh. I guess i do look back and ask myself 'What If...?' But i know the Lord has put me here for a reason.....and i'm glad i'm where i am today. (or i'd be more of a fish than a designer! :p)


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