Wednesday, January 28, 2004

ooooo BubBlesBubblessBUBBLESS~!

I woke up feeling sorta bubbly and I began blowing bubbles while sittin in my room...listening to music, reading got sorta mechanical after awhile...dunk-blow-dunk-blow-turn page-dunk-blow-dunk-blow-giggle-turn i stopped and flipped on the TV instead.....and guess what....they were showing 'Bubble Boy' I'm serious!!! It was about this kid-Jimmy, who was born with no immunities so he was brought up in a whole sterialized bubble chamber.And he had no contact with the outside world except what he sees out his window. And then he sees his neighbour and she's the only one who visits him and *wham* he falls in love with her....but she doesnt know it and she goes to niagra falls to marry someone else. And Jimmy sooo wants to get her back so he makes a bubble suit and he gets out of his house to go find her (Cloe).Of course he encounters many obstacles and meets a lot of people.Well anyways in the end he finds Cloe just in time and he tells her that he loves her.He breaks out of his bubble to kiss her and then....he falls to the ground dying. And then his parents come running in and they tell him that he's not dying after all....he developed immunities a long time ago.....but they never told him cause they wanted to keep him safe and pure at home.*hyuk hyuk* and he marries Cloe and they live happily ever after.THE END! *sheeshhh what a waste of my morning*
Well sometimes.....i think we all live in a bubble.We're put here or we put ourselves in this suit and we just bounce around trying to get everything done so sure we're not gonna get hurt as long as we stay in the bubble suit. Our movements might be restricted but we just refuse to break out of it.So just like Jimmy, maybe we ought to take that risk of dying or getting hurt and break out of that bubble.....what say you?

Things to thank God for: LIFE! and BUBBLESS~!
Currently feeling: Like i'm being watched--->Spike (my bro's iguna) is lookin at me.


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