Saturday, January 17, 2004


It really sucks when you wanna do something but know you can't and know you shouldn't but everything around you is higgledy-piggledy and you're angry and upset and irritated all at the same time and you need an outlet! You need to do this paticular thing to get you mind off everything but you can't!!! Well dat's how i felt most of the day.Got up REALLY early (6.45) to go to the SPCA.Waited for the bus for 2 hours!And was delayed some more for another 2 hours while my group mates had breakfast, bought art stuff.Word of advice-NEVER DO WORK IN AN ALL GIRL GROUP! Anyways we reached the SPCA at bout 1 something and i guess i forgot bout everything else that was bothering me.Got carried away with all those lovely eyes and wagging tails.There were soooooo many dogs and miiiaannnn i wished I could keep em all! Felt really sad when they told us more than half would be put to sleep soon. We spent bout 3 hours there walking around, playing with the dogs and doing an interview.Then we headed back but not before stopping at LowYat again!Girls get side-tracked soooo easily!And then on the way back I found out they wouldnt be sending us back home as planned and I had to take the bus back! Seee who wouldnt be pissed?!?
Well anyways on my way back from Puchong I realised that i shouldnt have had felt that way and I can't always let stress dictate how I feel. As someone told me today ".. girl.. u gotta learn to sabarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr more."
When i got home, had a goooood dinner which my housemate cooked (thanx Charis!!!) and I was off again! THis time to Hartamas.A friend was performing at some pub so i just went to support.It turned out to be a great performance which was a fusion of a lotta sounds.Some sorta experimental thing.Really neat!I haven't hung out with these group of friends for quite some time so it was kinda odd but i guess I did have fun on the whole.
It's about 3 now and i'm EXHAUSTED.headin off to bed soon. G'nite world~!

Things to remember: "Choose to LOVE over despair,JOY over discouragement and VICTORY over defeat." --->sms sent at the RIGHT time by an online buddy!


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