Sunday, January 18, 2004


We live in a fragile and imperfect world tinged by brokenness and cloaked in unanswered questions.Some things truly aren't fair.Seeing what makes people tick is boring at best, depressing at worst.People pull all kinda emotional crap all the time and i hate how weak it makes them look.Revealing yourself meant revealing weakness. If i kept to myself, If i gave nothing, people stayed away. They project their own idealised images onto me and i'm known as aloof or just plain hostile. I think that's way better than opening up and making yourself vulnerable.I guess you only see me as how you see the rest of the world.In black and white.
well when i paint my thoughts, it's the same way my hands paint the words in the way my mind speaks the thoughts.Only the few intelligent, brilliant, aesthetic would know the strokes swish on my canvas and thus comes out the true me., which people rarely relate to. My masterpiece is not the artwork that I am.

Song of the moment:Justin Thomas-Thank you for the rain
Currently Feeling: Zombified
Things to thank God for: Friends who stuck on.Love you guys!


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