Friday, January 09, 2004


"Love unfailing
Overtaking my heart
You take me in
Finding peace again
Fear is lost in all You are..."

I have no idea how to express what i'm feeling right now except by this verse from a song by United Live.
Feelin a bit crappy cause of this fever and my whole body's aching BUT I'm still doin GREAT!Its just a quiet friday night....with myself and Jimmy aka BaddAss (my pc!!!) Listening to United Live on Mich's sound card's still out.Totally hate it but ohh well.....i've gotten used to it.Had a really fantastic weekend planned out but doubt i'll be goin out.....maybe me being sick is a sign that i shud put everything on hold and just focus on ME awhile....spending time with my Big Daddy....and just resting in His presence.


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