Thursday, January 15, 2004


Kinda tired right now.....still doin work which i dun wanna do and which i have no idea how to do but which i NEED to do cause my group mates expect it to be ready tomorrow.All this e-commerce stuff driving me bonkers!Had Leona over just now *thanx beb for dropping by-helped in many ways*It's been ages since i've picked up my guitar....felt good just pretending to play :p Feel so lost and bored outta my mind without my mp3's!!! Really need to get my soundcard SOON!
All my assignments just came crashing in on me today.HAve got the e-commerce web site to complete, 3 storyboards and 3 animatics for my tv commercial, the moral and ethics documentary on spca plus the 2 exams I have after the holls. Don't really feel like goin back for holls but i guess i'll have to. Excited bout all the work i have to do but at the same time i'm worried that i won't have anough time to complete em' all.I guess i'm someone who just drowns herself in work so as not to deal with everything else goin on around me.I get to say "I'm REALLYY busy, i'll talk to u later" or "I cant go out with you...i'm REALLLY busy" or just "BUG OFF! I'M BUSY!" eheh.
I guess I gotta try and not be overcome by my work till I forget the things that are most important to me.Need to keep my appointment with God in the mornings and yes need to make more time for friends....guess i've been neglecting you guys lately.Have I? Just seems like i have. :(
I just pray for strength that i'll be able to handle everything that comes my way.

Song of the moment:I think God can explain (singing to myself :p)
Currently Feeling: Frustrated (cause of e-commerce!)
Things to thank God for:Healing!(yes i'm gettin better!I really am!--->optimistic mel)


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