Monday, February 23, 2004

Awesome Sunday~!

yeay! its a holiday today!!! I've got tons of work to do but...*bahh* i'm goin out! WhoopDeeDoo~!
Yesterday was really an awesome day. Went to FGC in the morning played the keyboards for service :"> kinda sucked but was okayy anyway. Then came back to cyber.wasn't feeling too well again...caught a cold but didn't wanna give in to sickness! Took a cold pil (thanx will!) Then went out to yet another service at FGA. They were having an Extreme Sunday Service. And it rocked man! A Loooooong time of praise and worship with Melody leading worship, Lek Kin and Dorin as backups , Jerome as bassist and Dj Pyros on turntables! Then the YC band came up as well performed a few songs from Heartbeat. Then Ps Andrew preached a short sermon on the book of Daniel.Here's a summary on what was sed:

"It's easier to die for Jesus than to live for Him"
1) Conforming- Daniel 1:7
From jewish names they were given Babylonian names. It was a call to conform from Jewish ways to Babylonian ways.
Be a NON_Conformist- Know God's purpose for our lives. Seek God. God's purpose shud be our focus.
2) Compromise -Daniel 1:11
Compromise is the slippery ground that leads to Godlessness.
How to prevent--->Read God's word. Be obedient. Embrace God's ways in your life.
3) Control-Daniel 3:13Web and deceit of the Devil is to control our lives.
If your focus is God, you wouldnt let your lives be controlled.
Submit to the rule of God in your lives.
Be able to say NO!.

After service had a loooong talk with a friend whom i havent talked to in a long long time. And it was good. YOu know...people around me change all the time but some true friends stay the same no matter what.


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