Friday, February 06, 2004

i think God can explain

Had a test which i tried studying for but unfortunately didnt manage to absorb much. Woke up early to continue studying but ended up panicing! eheh.....that's just so ME to panic and think bout every situation i'm facing right when i'm sposed to be doin something in paticular like studying! Just hate it when i let my troubles over take me and i let myself get lost in worrying.Anyways i decided to just read through my notes and spent time listening to songs just to calm me down a little. Went for the paper and it wasn't so bad after all....managed to bluff my way through.I thank God for peace of mind as i was doin my paper.
Been in a down-and-out-up-and-about mood the past few days and don't even know why. i often ask myself why, even tho i believe that i am a child of god..... i still go thru all these emotions and come out at the bottom end?Why do we let ourselves be boged down by the circumstances around us? I mean...shouldn't we be filled with joy because we're sons and daughters of the most High? I guess God allows us to go through situations for a reason....I felt a bit better about everything after reading a post on Mich's pc which sed "If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it" We might find that hard to believe during those 'down' moments but i guess only God can explain huhh.
Read an interesting article recently bout Love.Really helps you see things in a different light.
As the weekend approaches i hope that it will really be a God-filled weekend and He'll let his glory shine thru my design work.eheh....who else can i seek help from if not from the greatest Designer ever!

Currently Feeling- Enlightened
Things to thank God for- The strength to carry on
Currently listening to- Splendor-I think God can explain


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