Saturday, February 21, 2004

just emotions taking me over

Havent found time to blog recently. Finally finished my assignment on wednesday but been busy with looking for a place to do industrial training and been catching up on sleep as well. But no matter how much sleep i get it never seems to be enough.
i guess its cause i think too much- bout things i can change and things that i cant.And things that have happened and things that MIGHT happen.and its just driving me bonkers! Might have made some extreme choices and a few bad ones over the past few days. Beating myself up because of it. Emotions getting a hold of me. But i'm an overcomer. Will i be able to push it all away and carry on being the hippy-happy-mel that i usually am? most probrably yes.But it doesnt mean that it wont come back.i hate it when i let myself be overcome by the things around me.if i believe that i am a child of god.....then why do i still go thru all these emotions and come out at the bottom end?


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