Saturday, February 07, 2004

Life sdn. bhd.

Went to watch this play yesterday called LIFE sdn bhd. Didn't know anything bout the play at first...just wanted to go cause Gavin Yap was in it! LOL. But it was really awesome.It talked about life in Malaysia and life as Malaysians.Really made me think.I've been here for like 20 years and 'she' never ceases to amaze me.The good and the bad. I've always been happy to be Malaysian and even more proud to be a Penangite! It also showed the actors as real people with real problems and well to me it was a really great production cause i laughed till my jaw ached and hehe even had tears streaming down my cheeks at some parts.The Malaysian art scene has yet a looong way to go but hey its moving so i say support the Malaysian Art Industry!heheh


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