Wednesday, February 04, 2004

of work and stunted brain activity

it's a quiet wednesday evening.I just got back from care group(CG) where i had such a great time!Havent had a CG meeting for quite a long while and was just great to meet up for fellowship which didnt involve food! :p
I've been really busy the past couple of days and i guess my work just got to me.I kinda felt like i couldnt go on anymore and i was just a useless designer.I guess my mind just drew to a complete blank and i couldnt think of anymore ideas for my work.In times of desperation and hopelessness we turn to...GOD la!and well he sent over Nicky who didnt really do much but just kept me company and encouraged me and that helped. And then Alvin came over and he not only brought noise and lots of chatter but also threw a few ideas down my way.So my work has started moving again...slowly...but surely.
As tomorrow is Thaipusam holiday guess i'm gonna be sleeping late yet again.Hoping to finish some work tonight. I just pray for strength to carry on.....

Currently Feeling: Tired
Watching: Stitch the movie (while doin work)


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