Monday, March 15, 2004

eek! leech!

Nothing is insignificant in your life.....even the smallest incident has significance for your character develoment.

Got back from camp rather tired but strangely happy. And to think i was just inches away from stomping and yelling "I DON'T WANNA GO FOR CAMP!!!!!" on friday. It was a class trip and we went there to enjoy ourselves as well as check out the place so we can come up with ways to promote it and make the place more appealing. I went with a heavy heart and with a feeling that it was gonna be a horrible weekend to end my already horrible week.
But then when i got wasn't so shabby after all.....or course the bathrooms were rather gross...but.....biasa lah! At least we din have to pee in the river! The activities were quite fun! we went through an obstacle course, we jungle trekked at night and we did river trekking as well.
FYI i'm scared outta my mind of leeches!!! It rained most of the time at camp so leeches were unavoidable. when they told us we were going trekking at night...i was like arrrghhhhhh leeches!!!!!!! And i prayed every moment throughout the whole trip that i wouldnt get bitten. i was the second person in the line behind the guide and i saw him stop so many times to pull off leeches....but guess the three hours we were out trekking...i didnt get bitten at all!!!!! weeehoooo! (got goosebumps just thinking bout those darn leeches!) All i got out of the trip was a few bruises a couple of scratches and sore muscles. And that ain't bad at all.
The silly part bout camping with multimedia people......they bring their laptops and projectors and speakers and DVD's with em!!! imagine being on a camping trip but watching DVD's thru the night. Was a good trip cause i got to to know my classmates and time to think bout stuff. I was on the verge of quitting but after this weekend.....i just know i gotta stay on and finish the race. I've got one more year left and i'm gonna give it my all.


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