Monday, March 29, 2004


I'm finally done with all my assignments and projects for the semester~!~! Finished on friday and was out all weekend letting loose and winding down from work. But now as it's the beginning of the week, i gotta buck up again and start studying for finals!I've got 3 papers of which media law and e-commerce are the toughest! But..should be able to get through..with help from above of course!
Moving on....half of my house residents ain't doin too good. My roomie was down with food poisoning last week and she's still not well with frequent stomach aches and fever. :( poor gal's been surviving on porridge and hundred plus.i sure hope she gets better soon. what with the exams and'll be a real bummer if she has to take supps.
Charis and I ate something at church yesterday which resulted in us developing funky stomachs all yesterday evening and it's still acting up today. And did you know, gastric and diarrhea is the worst combination of funky-stomach-syndrome you could have!!
I really hope we all get better soon. By his stripes we are healed right!! Okiee back to studying.


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