Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Hebrews 13:5

Fed up with cramming for lets blog! Well actually...i'm not even cramming....just umm..chillin.....eating cookies....and PREPARING to cram for media law which is TOMORROW!!! Heck...i'm an art student..why do i need to study law???!!! Well anyways no choice la right!
Well the last couple of days have been really higgledy-piggledy what with Michelle in surgery for appendicitis and exams tension and my interview for industrial training. Considering that i'm such a worry-wart, i think i managed to get through the past couple of days really well!Still am rather worried bout Mich but nothing much i can do cept pray for her. we're all praying for you dear and we know you'll come out of it just fine!!
My first paper went alright....was moral and ethics.....quite pointless to have us learn one subject for like 12 years of our lives!!! And our lecturer was kinda crappy too! He made us do a whole documentary which I spent hours editing and we didnt even get to present it!
The exam questions....demn weird..." ___ is injected directly into the amniotic fluid that surrounds the child." i look like a science student or a medical doctor to you???
Well anyways after the exam i rushed off for an interview with KLUE.Well technically not an interview la...more like finalizing stuff before i start my internship. Was quite scared bout that as well. Didn't know what to expect. But it went great~! Nice cosy place...doin stuff I like so...yeay! But I start right after my final exam so no holiday for me....and no IF camp, no Penang food.....but that's ok...its all GoOd~!

Things to thank God for: Job at KLUE
Things to pray for: Michelle's speedy recovery
Currently Reading: Basic Law textbook
Currently Listening to: SCC-Dive


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