Sunday, March 21, 2004

Know what? I think i'm allergic to Penang. As soon as the plane landed my eyes got all itchy and they swelled up. And then my nose got all runny. Right now i'm struggling to see with my half open peepers. Hoping to get more rest before i head back to cyber. Dreading the work that awaits me there but hey... twas a good weekend here. Got to hang out with my mom and my sis. Mucked around with my bro. Got insulted for listening to rock music.....yeah even my mom thinks hiphop is waaayyyy cooler than rock/alternative. With the $%^ this and a ^%$ that. i wanna %#$& you and lets pop some E's and fly with the bees. hehe u get the picture. So basically all my music is just plain trash to them.
~Note to Alvin and Mich : I aint from that culture k!! *grin*~
May is approaching and i still havent got a job placement. The interview in Penang was rescheduled. Kinda unsure of where i wanna be. But owhh well....its all in Gods hands yea!
Alrighty....eyes too pain to continue....gonna get a headache from squinting. G'nite y'all~!


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