Saturday, March 06, 2004

of MR. Ho and giggly girls

I haven't blogged in ages! Been busy/lazy whatever la both just excuses. I've been hard at work with e-commerce and my MI website.Dunno why i'm taking so long to complete it. Couldn't decide which software to use...couldn't decide which layout/ design to use and all the usual dilly-dallying. I guess it was quite a good week with all my work done on time and the awesome presentation me and my group mates did on cohabitation.Dropped a lot of hints about God in there and talked about the bible and church in moral and ethics class. :D
Today i met up with my old school mates. The 5 of us have been best of buds since primary school so it was really great to see them again after chinese new year. We were sort of celebrating Doreena's and Julie's b-day so we went to Mr Ho's Fine Foods for lunch. Had quite a good but expensive meal with really bitter salad. *hehe* well it was definately much cheaper than Chillis! As usual when a bunch of CONVENT girls gather there's much laugher and noise. I think we pissed off a few customers with our guffaws and picture taking sessions. But....biasa lah!
After that we walked around...window shopping, talked more over coffee, walked around some more.I kinda wanted to go for the pet expo but my girls friends were more into ZARA and MNG so....haihh.....BUT had fun anyways, :D but at the end of the day...i kinda did smtg which i shouldn't have done. Should have turned down the offer. I don't know what made me take it. I enjoyed it while it lasted. But the guilt that comes after makes it not worth it. Why is it when everything's goin ok and i'm doin fine then shit happens to screw things up all over again. But as a friend of mine said....people make mistakes...sometimes over and over again....but you just gotta move on and get over it. Hoping not to dwell on the past and be bogged down by excess baggage.

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