Sunday, March 07, 2004

stuff you never knew
For starters:
Smoke?:: not anymore
Do drugs?:: not anymore
Have a partner?:: nope
Have sex?:: nope
Sleep with stuffed animals?:: nope
Live in the moment?:: yes!
Think you'll get married?:: dunno...probly not
Have a dream that keeps coming back?:: nope
Play an instrument?:: yes..the guitar,organ and keyboards...a lil
Believe there is life on other planets?:: yeah the one-eyed-one-horn-flying-purple-people-eater
Remember your first love?:: Yes
Still love him/her?:: :">
Read the newspaper?:: newspapers make me cry so nope i dun read em.
Have gay/lesbian friends?:: yes
Believe in miracles?:: definately
Believe its possible to remain faithful forever?:: of course
Consider yourself tolerant of others?:: at times
Like the taste of alcohol?:: Used to
Fave candy?:: Mars
Believe in astrology?:: nope
Believe in magic?:: how would you explain David Blane?
Believe in God?:: Of course!
Pray?:: All the time!
Go to church?: Yuppers!

Moving on:
Have any secrets?:: Mhmm
Any pets?:: Yes...a fighting fish called Daryl
College?:: MMU
Major?:: Media Innovation
Talk to strangers who IM you?:: at times
Wear hats?:: sometimes
Hate yourself?:: at times
Wish you were someone else?:: nope
Have an obsession?:: yes with a lot of things
Collect anything?:: Notebooks
Have a best friend?:: know who you are ;)
Wish on stars?:: not anymore
Like your handwriting?:: definately.
Any bad habits?:: Of course la! i'm only human.
Care about looks?:: nope
Believe in witches?:: nahh
Satan?:: What about him?
Ghosts?:: holy ghost!
Trust others easily?:: nope
Like noise? Music?:: very much!!!

First thing you think of:
I see:: smiley guy figurine on my monitor
I need:: to take a dump
I find:: church an awesome place to be in
I want:: to go to Hawaii
I wish:: i was in Hawaii
I love:: God
I hate:: wearing glasses
I miss:: home
I fear:: industrial training
I hear:: 'the whale' splashing in the pool
I smell:: i can't nose is blocked
I crave:: chocolate!
I search:: for job opportunities
I wonder:: what industrial trainig will be like
I regret:: doing what i did yesterday
I cried:: a long time ago....

Last time you:
Bought something:: today...'Purpose Driven Life'
Danced:: last week
Were sarcastic:: today hahahah to Leo
Kissed someone:: ~LaDeeDumm~
Talked to an Ex:: yesterday
Had a nightmare:: a couple of weeks ago
Last book you read:: The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy
Last movie you saw:: Gothika
Last song you heard:: Jesus You Alone-Tim Huges
Last thing you had to drink:: Chinese Tea
Feeling this moment:: optimistic

Band:: Altered Frequency
Movie:: too many lar.
Song:: Jesus Lover of My Soul


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