Wednesday, March 10, 2004

to let go and fall crashing

Slept at 5 am and got up again ahwile ago. Have got a submission at 10. I started out on this project way way before the due date but somehow ended up screwing up my files and having to rush through everything the day before submission. why does shit like this happen all the time!!!! The guys started just 2 days ago and they were done before me!!! :((
Maybe i'm not cut out for this...or maybe i'm just goin about it the wrong way. I just about gave up on myself yesterday. Everything seemed pretty worthless and the stress was just bearing down on me. I know everyone goes through times of being weighed down with work and with all these problems around you and sometimes it seems like you can barely stand up. So why bother? What makes us get up again every morning? Why do i press onwards when this cycle is only going to repeat itself. I guess i know why....but sometimes its just hard to remember why and keep focused on that which you wake up for, that which you live for-Him whom you love and serve.

I Thank you for believing in me when i didnt believe in myself. I thank you for helping me to my feet when i was crouched way down on the floor. For friends like you guys...i'm truly grateful for.


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