Sunday, April 04, 2004

awesome weekend!

Had a really great weekend! It started off with Michelle getting out of the hospital.*Praise God!*(mel does a dance round the room)And she came home packed her stuff and headed off to Taiping to recuperate. Then Leona figured she needed a break and so we headed off to Subang with Jason and Alvin. We went to watch 50 First Dates. It was a typical Adam Sandler movie i guess but really touching man! Imagine having to make a girl fall in love with you all over again every single day.Toughie.But its the movies!!! Anything's possible! And then you get to hear him singing and playing the guitar again after The Wedding Singer to some cute song as well.
After that we went back to Jason's place. Our plan every time we stay over is to watch movies till the wee hours of the morning. But sadly...i never manage to stay awake for even half of one movie! We started watching Waking Life and maybe it just required too much thinking, deciphering and brain processing and i just shut down. It was only about 12!!! And i was supposed to TRY and stay awake at least till........somebody in the movie died or something. But one died....they just talked and talked and talked and talked.
And Sunday was just awesome!!! Service was really great!! Pastor Jacs spoke about Love and as usual she kept the whole church in stitches! One thing bout being in a small one gets spared! She'll just call out the names of those who seem to be nodding off and she'll use anyone as an example. She might kutuk you also la but she'll always end her statements with a "But you still Love me right???" and of course no one really gets mad at her. Somehow it felt like she was giving the whole church a talk on BGR.
She said look for the 5 C's. No...not condo, credit card, car,... darn...forgot what the other 2 are.
In summing it all up she said look for someone who is Christ-like, has Compassion, is Committed, is in Control of his/her life and is Contented.
Not like i'm looking....but i guess its good to keep that in mind. ;)

Currently Reading : The Restaurant at the end of the Universe-Douglas Adams
What i'm supposed to be reading: My e-commerce notes
What i should be reading everyday but failing miserably- Purpose Driven Life


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