Friday, April 09, 2004

the end and a new beginning

i'm done~!~!~ Wooohooo! Done with my final paper! No more exams for the next 2 sems!! Tired of studying for subjects we won't remember as soon as we leave the exam hall...or worse still...even before you enter the exam hall! :o
The end of second year in uni. On to greater and harder ordeals in life. Dang....wish i was in kindy again. I'd draw lil hearts and flowers and a house with a chimny and a picket fence. Bahhh. I'm sposed to be happy and enjoying my holls. But nooo i got my internship to think about and small projects i'm supposed to complete but am taking ages to do!
I wanna go on a holiday!! My island vacation which i've been dreaming about is put on hold...yet again.
Been lazing around doin nothing in paticular. Watching movies, catching up on reading. Thought of hanging out with my gal pal but she took off. :( owhh well.....guess i'll get back to watching SHREK. That oughta cheer me up a lil. cheerio~


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