Friday, April 02, 2004

of crooks and rotten appendix

Media law's over and done with!!! weehoooo~! and it wasn't bad at all. Of course being blessed with the ability to write nonsensical answers helped a lot! I walked out of the exam hall after 45 minutes and am still wondering if the reason why i leave my exams early is cause I really have written all that I have and there's no point staying there longer or if I've just given up on trying to crap my way through questins I don't know the answers to. Come to think of it...I don't think I've ever stayed a whole 2 hours in the exam hall for any exam at all!..ohh wait....cept for maths.But you can't really bluff your way through that can you?
Well anyways after the exam I went to look for Nicky but he had left early as well and as he was walking home....he almost got robbed! Apparently he was on the phone with his jie jie when some indon guy blocked his path and hit his hand and his phone went sailing up into the sky and fell a couple of meters away. They both rushed for the phone....but some other indons nearby ran after the crook and he took off without the phone and Nicky didnt loose his beloved phone after all!So praise God~!~!
Went to see Mich in the evening and was really happy to see her looking much better and sitting up in bed.
Really glad that she's doin well and recovering fast. Was really sad to see her all sick and in pain the past 2 weeks. Her case was like 1 in a thousand where her rotten appendix affected part of her intestines and so they had to cut out those parts. We could have lost her if there was any more delay in diagnosing her condition. But praise God she's fine now~!~! :D Our house ain't the same without Michelle so we're all really looking forward to having her back.


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