Tuesday, April 27, 2004

of exams, results and unnecessary worry

Wonder why I was restless all day. Wonder why i checked the MMU site like 5 times. I wonder why I bother bout results and such. An A, B or C is just exactly what it is. Alphabets. Meaningless i tell ya! So an alphabet and a few numerals determine how smart or stupid I am? Do they determine how far i'll go in the future? Geezzz i suddenly feel silly for worrying bout my results. Besides, more than half my grades depend on my projects....and if art is subjective, how could they have graded me??? Who's to say my work wasn't good enuff? But of course it's all inevitable. Grades, CGPA's, its all put there just to make you feel bad about yourself. And for all you who got all A's and scored 4 flat's good for you but as its an imperfect world...it's never gonna be enough. There'll always be someone faster or smarter than you.
Strive for perfection you say? Who's to say what's perfect and what's not. It can't be measured. I am myself. Imperfections and all. Wacky, freaky, silly?, BLUR, however you label me, I still just love being me. By the way, I passed.


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