Sunday, April 11, 2004

part 2

After service I went with Vix to Hartamas to attend a gig. We went to a part of Hartamas which was kinda new. And as i walked up the stairs into the place where the gig was......a distinct smell greeted me. A smell which i haven't smelled for a long long time. The sweet aroma of a leaf-like substance. Then i saw the smoke coming out from a room. The scene of which anyone who watches That 70's show is familiar with. *heheh* well anyways Vix and I went in anyway. The first band to perform was Tempered Mental. (bought their demo-nice nice!) Then Sgt Weeners Arms.hehe....just supporting my classmates. Awesome stuff seriously. Quite amusing as well. Then This Body Broken performed. And that was as long as my attention span lasted. At least I got to pay attention to the 3 bands I went to the gig for before i got distracted with the emo songs and the body surfing going on. From where i was sitting, it was a rather funny sight cause it somehow looked like a freak show with people crowding around a guy who was jumping around screaming. LOL. no offence intended to the 'screamer' who i persume was just having fun and found a way to release tension that in turn caused others to jump and throw themselves around.
and then....that smell again! It seemed to have followed me.It was everywhere!!!!!!It was starting to cloud my was everywhere...all around me.....even my clothes still smell of it. But...glad to say, I dint feel the need to join in the smell and smoke producing act. Praise God.


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