Sunday, April 11, 2004

Resurrection Sunday~

Happy Easter! Had a great service at church. Somehow every Easter i'll end up being part of a sketch or a dance in church. So this year was no exception. Charis sang while I danced to "Just a prayer away". Felt rather awkward cause i was dancing alone plus i forgot the first few steps at the beginning of the song. But i said a quick prayer and just danced my heart out cause i know i was dancing for the Lord. And it just felt so great to be expressing myself in dance. My pastor sang 'Via Dolarosa' as well while clips from 'The Passion' was played. This is like my first Easter away from home. I usually always make it a point to go home for Easter...but somehow didn't make it back this year. But owhh well....has a great time anyway. The main message being Christ is risen!!!!!! And I've got every reason to rejoice and not be angry or to hold a grudge but to just be blissfully overjoyed that I've got a saviour and a friend who's far above anyone or anything else. Who's far bigger than any problem or obstacle in my life.
Thank you Lord for dying for me and for setting me free!


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