Monday, April 12, 2004


I'm sitting here with puffy eyes and feeling totally drained. Before this i had watched Cheaper by the Dozen as i was having my lonely but scrumptious meal of Nasi Lemak. Really nice show but felt rather sad after that cause I suddenly miss my family again....and being all alone here in cyber aint helping much. Everyone else is off at IF camp.Having an awesome time i spose while I sit here feelin miserable.Had got back from work at 7.45 cause i missed the earlier train from sentral. Work was umm...quite good actually. I helped Juliana, the chief editor, organize some files ( seeeee my obsession with organizing files on my pc was put to good use!) then i did some editorial stuff and that was it. Work over. But quite strange that it took all day to do that. Owh saw Warren from This Body Broken at the office. He sits in the next isle across from me. Love my working hours. 11 am to 6 pm. heheh. ooo bumped into my brother at sentral. Was good seeing him again. Kinda miss that guy. Chilled with him before i headed off to work. Probly will be bumping into him more often now.
Really exhausted now. Goin to bed. It's 10.30. WOW! Not MMU culture at all!!!! G'nite y'all.


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