Friday, May 07, 2004

after the looooong one

Now on Sunday after service, my mom decided to give us a treat and take us to Bayview Beach. Being a sun, sea and sand person I was of course excited and all eager to go. My dad didnt come and though i was a bit dissapointed, that feeling quickly dissappeared as now i could wear the skimpiest swim wear without having bother bout my dad finding out about my belly piercing. *grin* But of course being me....shy and all....just a simple two piece was sufficient. Even then i got dirty looks from people who looked like they had something against body piercing. *Bahh* I HAD FUN!!!! The beach rocked!!!! I didnt get enough sun tho. It was just a blissful day with my mom and sis...swimming, oogling, bitching, hehe usual girl stuff. Then we had a quiet dinner with more oogling and bitching. Maklumlah Batu Feringghi area has so many sights to see.

After dinner, i had a date! Went out with my chilhood friend again. We chilled at this shack by the beach. Had a drink while we talked bout things past and of younger days. It was just a moment I didnt really want to end. Imagine a lil bamboo shack with driftwood and tree trunks as furniture, raggae music in the background, the sound of waves and sand at your feet... pure BLISS. Well anyway it was really a beautiful night at the beach topped with banana pancakes with ice-cream and honey. *wink*


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