Friday, May 28, 2004

Hey Mama Lets Get Retarded!!!

B.E.P! B.E.P! B.E.P! The sound of excited fans screaming for the Black Eyed Peas to come on stage. But Phat Fabes and the morning crew guy showed up instead. They introduced the opening act which was Too Phat and their B-Boy crew. As usual they were rapping and talking with a I'm-Malaysian-ButIWanna-be-black voice. The b-boys were good tho...but then i think they kinda used up all their moves after the first 2 songs and then they just repeated their stunts. 4 of them were really good i admit with MJ moves and chun movements which i dont what they're called. Flying something or a spinning something.
Then the guys showed up again.They were kinda entertaining for awhile....buying time while the musicians got ready. But then it got kinda boring. I was sooo restless during the first part of the concert. Then, we heard 'whoops!'- 'ooooeeeooo!'-'aaahhhh!' and a few other indescribeable noises. The crowd head roared!
After like 10 minutes of waiting, the band came on stage and opened with the first song. Lots of dance action went on in front of me. This girl in a tube top was doin the 'Monica Dance'. I'm serious!!! For all you Friends freaks out know what i'm talking about. Well thank goodness she moved or i'd be laughing the whole night through.
Well what can i say...B.E.P Rocked!!! Cept that the sound system sounded a bit bad at first...they sounded kinda muffled and Fergie's voice was just piercing through my skull. But it was good! If i wasnt too tired i'd have participated a bit more. But i was whacked. My head hurt, so did my legs and back plus i had major gastricitis. So imagine me surrounded by a thousand over jumping teenagers and kids with my arms folded and head
nodding to the beat. Yeah too cool to jump around for Black Eyed Peas.
I guess on the whole it was okayy... made me feel better bout missing the Linkin Park and Incubus concert but then again.... you can't compare those with BEP.
By the way my tickets were free courtesy of KLue and those suckers who actually won the free tickets but couldnt make it!!!!


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