Thursday, May 06, 2004

a looooonggg one......

The whole week’s been such a whirl. I haven’t actually had time to sit and listen to my music or to spend time doodling or even to check my mails and to blog. It started with the long weekend back home which i was sort of dreading. My plans to go home with my 3 buddies didnt turn out so there i was at Pudu waiting at midnight with a million other people or so it seemed with a heavy bag and a heavy heart waiting for that darned bus to arrive to take me home to Penang. I was so tired of waiting with my heavy bag in the smoke filled place and with the gross people spitting all over - and was contemplating just goin back to cyber or to my brothers' place when the bus arrived - An hour behind schedule!!!

Note to self: NEVER travel by bus during public holiday weekends! It's just crazy i tell
yah! I took 7 freakin' hours to get back to BM! And the ride was just slow and stuffy and bumpy and yeah i'm complaining a lot here. Well anyways when i arrived i went for breakfast with my parents and all was well. Had a good meal of roti canai which somehow tasted so much better than the ones you get in Cyber or anywhere in Selangor. Then, I spent the whole day watching DVD's! Woohoo BM rocks with piracy! It was just pure bliss to lay back, and be a couch potato for the day. Owh how i miss my glorious TV set. A bit dramatic here but that's how you get when you haven't watched tv for months!In the evening, I went for mass and i was trying so hard to pay attention. I think the traditional mass is really beautiful but maybe the priests just need to get new sermon notes or something. Here's how he started his sermon-
"There was one guy who wanted a job very badly. The only job he could find was one that required him to wear a monkey suit. And he did. He put the suit on climbed into a cage and pretended to be a monkey. Things went well for a couple of days. Then one day as he was doing his thang' jumping around and all...he fell. And he yelled in pain. In the next cage, the donkey suddenly said 'Shut up you idiot! I don't want to loose my job too!'"
And that was supposed to be a joke. I didnt get it. I don't think anyone got it. And to top it up, he said all that in a VERY monotonous voice. But still i tried hard not to zone out and paid attention. I guess in the end his message was - If you want to accomplish a task or any work at all... do it as if you were working for the Lord. Have no idea what that had to do with the monkey. But owhh well. Later at night I met up with my childhood friend and we went for a drink and to just catch up.

On Sunday me and my sis got up early and 'snuck' outta the house. We were goin for Sunday service and didn't really want my dad to know. *sigh* You see, my dad's a catholic and so he insists that we follow him to the catholic church. And so for YEARS I've been going for mass then rushing off for service at Rivers Of Water(GROW)- my fantabulous church back home-. I got into trouble lots of times and got insults hurled at as well, but being my stubborn self I went anyway. I figured...2 services...double the blessing lah! Service was just awesome. My sleepiness and tiredness just vanished and it was just me and my Lord. My pastor preached on Ephesians 3. And not to compare or anything...but i got ALL his jokes and understood his message perfectly. *heheh*


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