Thursday, May 13, 2004

Scrumptiously Crunchable

Today marks one month of being in the working world. As hyped up as i was before... it's starting to die down. I mean...i do love the work i do... i get to write everyday....umm..even if it is just listings and events updates and reviews, I'll just take that as practice before i start something big on my own.
But at the end of the day....i sometimes feel like i'm not doing enough. I wanna do more design related stuff...i wanna use photoshop and illustrator again and NOT just for cropping pictures!!!!
At work i plan out my itenary for the evening when i get back, but by the time i step through the doors, I just wanna go sleep!!! All this travelling and being cooped up in an office is just tiring. Mom can i retire early????


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