Saturday, May 22, 2004

there's more yet to be said

Just when i felt like giving up on blogging, I find time to post my really random ramblings and thoughts that might not mean two cents to people reading but which mean a lot to lil ol' me who clings to the little things in life which i derive joy from.
The past two weeks have been sorta a whirl as i got caught up with work yet again and health issues. I was getting sorta jaded with work and kinda had no motivation at all. But somehow after my trip to Melaka i felt refreshed and knew that my work no matter how trivial it is, deserved my all. Cause i am working for God and not for men. Right?
Well work this week has been awesome and i managed to catch up with the music scene. I just realised that I can borrow whatever cd's they have here. *grin* So my desk is piled high with cd's and i'm listening to everything from Indie to Progressive Rock to New Age to Rap. Awesome stuff man!
Just finished Feeder and Blind Melon, moving on to Kula Shaker, Hole, Pearl Jam, Juliana Hatfield, Prana and Placebo.
Besides that, I've been kinda equivalent to a half dead duck. My stomach keeps doin this funky dance, and i feel woozy and nauseous all the time. Have no idea why though. Low blood pressure? Gastric??? Probrably everything all rolled into one.
Owhh went for Sujen's house warming today. Just got back awhile ago. Wasn't really feeling up for it...but kinda went cause i missed Abs. Missed talking to her and sharing silly thoughts and laughing bout everything. Had fun and all....but sometimes i wonder if I put up two different masks when i'm around people. Do I act differently around my FCM friends than I do with my CF friends? Perhaps....but why?????


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