Saturday, June 26, 2004


Ahhh it's the weekend! My second weekend of complete rest!. Got up at 8.30 though, thanks to Mich's alarm! But twas a good morning spent reading and watching Gilmore Girls. It's 3.15 and I've just decided to switch off my media player for the day. So that would be 6 hours of Gilmore Girls back-to-back!
I've a feeling that this weekend's gonna be great! My homies are back!!! (except for Nicky...that wuss is still at home with his mommy!) Was just talking to Jason the other day and he was talking bout how weekends are supposed to be for rest and to retreat from the everyday things which are hectic and which take up so much of our time. Weekends are meant for ME time. And i guess more than often we all get so busy with assignments, work, activities, meetings, more activities and other comitments that we neglect ourselves. I guess sometimes its just good to take time off to just chill at home with a good book and coffee.
Thinking back, i don't think i remember the last time i chilled with myself or even my friends. Things have just been busy and there was always so much going on. But yesterday I had to check out this pub in Cyber so Alvin suggested we all go. So Alvin, Mich and me just drove up the street to this English pub. It was a really cosy place, looked kinda posh and I had doubts bout going in. But we went in anyway cause i needed to know more bout the place. Turns out, it's a student friendly place with 20% off on F&B and a massive party every third friday of the month! Leona and Kae Ee joined us a bit later. Though we didnt really do much, i felt that it was a really great night out. Just havin a few drinks, with good company and a nice atmosphere. Now who says Cyberjaya is boring??? With the right people, Cyberjaya's like the most amazing place ever!!


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