Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I woke up this morning, opened the windows, made a cup of coffee, and went back to bed with a book. Laid there till noon, got up and....arghh who am i kidding.
I woke up early to go to work like a good lil girl even though i told everyone I'm gonna stroll in an hour late.
What a freak. Got here and had nothing much to do so I actually asked for more work! And I got what I asked for! I'm supposed to come up with a system to sort out pictures. Their database hasnt been updated since 2002!!!! I'm so gonna die.
Switched on my Monica mode and tried to come up with an organized system but it seemed too tedious and cluttered. so yes, i'm still stuck as stuck can be.
Really miss my homies who aren't at cyber. Just ain't the same without them around. It's almost 8 and i'm still at the office. Waiting for my work mate to finish so we can walk to kl sentral. Apparently there's a stalker around. *shudder*
Supposed to have dinner with Nicky but....due to unforeseen circumstances I had to cancel it. Sorry Nicky!!!
Well Omar's 21 today!! Happy birthday dude!!! Owh do catch that dashing young man on channel 14 on Astro! He's one of the X-Fresh hosts!!!
My friend's a celebrity!


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