Wednesday, June 02, 2004


It took me about 15 Minutes just to decide what to wear this mornin! I difficult could it be???? Just walk out of the bathroom....pick something up from the pile and just put it on! But nooooooo.....i had to find something that wasnt crumpled, would keep me warm in my freezing cold office, and something that didnt look too shabby cause i'm goin to watch Mini@tures later.
What a prissy! In short i just wasted 15 minutes of my time....preparing for work, which i don't wanna go to, cause it's just soooo nice to cuddle back in bed and go back to sleep!!!!
But owhh i am, wasting another 5 minutes of my time blogging when i should at least comb my hair and pack my stuff and try to have breakfast.


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