Wednesday, June 09, 2004

When all's crumbling down...ROCK ON!!

Sometimes, when all's going well and you're in a comfortable place, with great friends, a nice job, and everything's just fine and dandy, God seems to just come along and roll a tornado down your way. Ever feel that way?
Miiiannn I sometimes feel as if God's just playing some really twisted game on me. With his twisted plans and dark holes that I can't seem to get out off. Well I've come to realise that it's just His way of shaking me up and saying 'Oi you can't do this on your own, beb! I'm the Powerful, Almighty One. Lean on ME!' Well okayy so maybe He's not saying all those stuff in that manner but it sure feels like it! Imagine him sniggering as i try repeated to climb out of whatever situation on my own. I guess all i needed to do was hold out my hand and let Him help me out huhh. Well the past 2 weeks have been a series of downs all the way and right now i'm just left in a state of disbelief and
well...i'm just stoned. You know that moment after you've had a joint or two...and you feel like you're floating...only not...and you think about one thing...and it just materialises into a million other things which seems to break into a million other microscopic particles which leaves you in awe and wondering what was it that you were thinking about in the first place. Strange.
Emotionless. Yet, hanging on and hoping that all will be well soon.


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