Thursday, July 15, 2004

a break

Comin to you online from the Gurney Hotel Penang. Everyone's gone out shopping or something while i just got up from bed. Only slept at 6am yesterday cause i was catching up with my movie time back home. Plus i had a friend over so we were talking and all till like 6 this morning. Really thought i'd be able to go back to KL today...but I was coerced into staying one more day. I kinda miss my lil home in Cyber and all you people who make my life swell over there. I kinda miss work too. Just thinking bout what's awaiting me when i get back! havent got much time left there. So i'm hoping to make the most of it.
Well the time back home has been well....a mixture of events which can be thought of as good and bad in certain aspects. Family gatherings were the highlight of the week and our thanksgiving dinner was AWESOME! Malcom's doin soooo much better. He's walking around. But he's still rather weak so we're still keeping him in prayer.
Other than that, Everything's just fine and dandy on the surface. Know the feeling of being all torn up inside but you still manage to put on a brave and cheerful front. I wonder if that's being optimistic or is it just hiding your feelings and not accepting things that go on in your life?


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