Friday, July 02, 2004

It's been a rather busy and eventful week starting off with free tickets to watch the premiere of Spiderman 2!!!! Got Omar to come with me-was his birthday treat- and we went for dinner at Chinoz. Got a goodie bag full of spiderman 2 stuff courtesy of RHB. Super chun poster, and other small stuff. Movie was awesome!!!!!! Spidey rocks!!! My hero!
Decided to speak in short sentences. Way too tired to conjure up complete ones.
Tuesday to Thursday just went by in a blur. Been really busy at work and i havent had much time to do anything else. Got sick again. Still got a blocked nose and a cough. Never ending it seems. Maybe i really should take my vitamins religiously.
Well an uncle who's residing in Canada is down. Met up with him for dinner with my bro as well. Was great seeing him again. I missed talking to him. Even missed all those lectures he gives. I realised that extended family sometimes just make you feel right at home again.
We talked about things which I had put behind me, things i didnt want to bring up, but it was as if he knew the we were running away from the situation and he made us think about it and perhaps try to deal with it. Forgiveness. To forgive those that hurt you and pray for them. I gues we all have our own demons to face. I guess when trouble hit me, it hit me hard and i let go of the hand i was holding on to. I got lost in the midst of the hustle and bustle of things going on around me. It's been about a month but it seems longer. To have lost something so dear. I don't ask why but I ask what's next? To not know what tomorrow brings.... i'm excited yet scared. And still i search and yearn for that joy and peace to envelope me once again. I catch hold of His arm just in time before i slip again.


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