Monday, July 05, 2004

things dear to me

It been a whole day without caffeine. I had absolutely no time to make myself any coffee and some joker drank my coke that was in the fridge at work. Feelin sorta drained, maybe it's the excessive sleep i had over the weekend...or maybe it's the lack of it. hmm....sleep's always good. Forcing myself to stay awake a bit longer to enjoy Jimmy a lil bit more. Havent had time to fool around with Jimmy and keep him clean and nice and updated. The Bad Luck PC at work really sucks and is nothing compared to Jimmy. Jimmy might need more RAM but otherwise he's working fine! Charis is taking good care of him for me when i'm not around. Well at least i hope she is!
Had a swell dinner with Leona and Kae Ee. Felt good catching up with her and finally being able to spill the beans on some issues that i was going through. Solid girl talk is sometimes all you need to kick off your week. She's one in a million that girl. An awesome friend and one i'd be so lost without. Thanks for everything beb.


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