Thursday, July 08, 2004

what to do with news?

I hate reading the newspapers. There's hardly any good news around the world these days. People are either getting killed or there's just mass destruction everywhere! But then cause I need to keep up to date with current events and be in the know bout stuff going on around so i can write bout it, I'm FORCED to read the freaking newspapers!
I almost cried once while reading the papers cause every page i turned had news bout rape or death. Today I was doing my usual flipping through the newspapers when i read bout the incident at Hartamas where this guy was beaten up to death in front of his fiance. What really irks me is that there were probrably a hundred over people standing around and not doing anything! Hartamas is like over-populated most of the time and especially at Uncle Don's where it's considered the main eatery. I find it hard to believe no one dared to stand up to those thugs and help the guy who was being beaten up. This probrably isnt the first time something like this has happened. I've had someone very close to me trashed in public as well and no one came to his aid either! Are Malaysians just plain chickens? Or does this happen everywhere else around the world? I try to put myself in the scene and wonder what i'd do in a situation like that. Would i stand rooted to the ground staring in shock? would i look away and turn a daft ear to the shouts and screams? or would i jump up and try to stop the fight?


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