Sunday, August 29, 2004


I had loads of fun. Learnt a lot. Met cool people. Heading back to the books. (or rather computer-we hardly study at all) It's been awesome! KLue rocks!!!
Entrance to the KLue office

Chrisse hard at work

Stef- the whacky-funny intern

Not so evil 'twin'

Adlin's best friend and source of strength

Already missing you guys!!!

Preview of what my area of the apartment has become over the past 5 months:

Thursday, August 26, 2004


The ultimate must-have's for a time out at the cinema.

Watched Alien Vs Predator. Kinda wished they had more fighting scenes. After all it's called alien VS predator for a reason! But instead what could have been fighting scenes were replaced by people walking, people getting killed and people touching slimy stuff on the floor.
Also watched my FIRST Indonesian movie today called Eiffel...I'm In Love. Totally hillarious as I didn't understand much but thank God for sub-titles. Left early though. It was getting too sappy plus I had tons of work to finish at the office.
One more day and i'm gone.....

Tuesday, August 24, 2004


In response to my bleeding belly piercing:

Monday, August 23, 2004

It's 10.30pm and i'm already ready for bed. My day started at 4am when the stoopid fire alrm bells started ringing at Cyberia. These bells have cried wolf waaaaaaaaaayyyyy too many times. I wonder what will happen when there really is a fire and no one bothers to get up from their slumber and get eaten up by the flames and turn to ash. muahahaha. I'm just envious of those who seem to sleep through earthquakes and tornados.
Well being a light sleeper, i woke up when the alarms sounded and tried my best to just roll over and get back to bed but I just couldnt! SO i got out of bed to get a glass of water. Switched on my pc and it started making this whirring noises. *PANIC* My poor Jimmy is over worked. It's bound to crash soon. (pray for Jimmy okay). Got online surfed for a bit. Realised it was 5am. Alarm had stopped but now i was wide awake!!! @$@^$#@%$ Went back to bed and it started to rain. *Damnit* My clothes are outside!!! So dragged everything in and went back to bed. Sleep overcame me, sometime before 6am.
Ever find a word to describe a state of undescribeable tiredness?
Well Michelle says that conked, wonked and zonked are different levels of tiredness. Words are derived from conk (Pass out from weakness, physical or emotional distress due to a loss of blood supply to the brain) and zonk (Fall asleep fast, as when one is extremely tired) while wonk just seemed to fit in the middle.
So there you go! 3 new words to describe different levels of tiredness. Of course if you're too 'tired' to get off the chair, it just called plain LAZY! That's what i often am too. :p

Currently Reading: The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri
Listening to: Mizoguchi Hajime- Thousand Sky
Feeling: Zonked Out~
Thanking God for: The ability to hear and listen to music and yea alarm bells too!

Sunday, August 22, 2004


What's in a name? I always thought my name was kinda silly. Maybe my parents mis-spelled it or something. Or maybe they were in a hurry and left out the other 's' in Melissa leaving me with just Melisa. Why couldnt I be called Mieka or Kyra or Leah. Those sound pretty cool. But thank God my parents didn't get all cutesie and call me Cookie, Pumpkin or Sugar! (I love you mom n dad!) But perhaps they wanted to be subtle. You know how some names mean 'Godly One', 'Eternal Life', 'Beautiful Flower' or 'Strng Armour' well Melissa is a Greek name which means Honeybee. Hmmm cutesie and strong at the same time! Mess with me and i'll sting your ass!
To all the Melissa, Melisa, Mellisa and Mellissa's out there....WE ROCK!

Friday, August 20, 2004


boy i feel like jello
slopping around only in my pareo
eating a big bowl of cheerio
Rhyming thing ain't working for me.
Toodles. I gotta go pee.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I wanna be a rockstar!

Gig at Sunway was pretty okay. Bands were good. Organization was a bit screwed up though. It didnt start on time, sound check's took too long rained!!! Well the rain wasn't anyone's fault i guess. Except maybe TBB's Warren who was singing when it started to rain! Kidding! He was actually good. To me anyway. Different kinda voice from previous vocalist. Kinda melodic compared to the usual way he talks. (melodic rocker??) I like anything out of the norm and he has that. So cheers to the new TBB vocalist!
Besides that, everything went pretty well i think. Some bands sounded too 'practiced' and i don't mean they sounded bad, they were just too.... proper? Well on the whole i guess it was good la. I liked the laid back atmosphere of the place, met a few interesting people but was rather dissapointed a few friends couldn't make it. Seems like I don't get to see them much these days. FFK-ed. It's alright. People come, people go.

(post title has nothing to do with the post)

Friday, August 13, 2004

ooooo music!

Head on over to Sunway College this Saturday and get a load of this awesome line-up! The Sunway College Sports Fest features bands like KLPHQ, Flatline, Furniture, Love Me Butch, Seven Collar T-Shirt, This Body Broken, Sgt. Weener Arms and DJ Nujita. Admission is free, so do try and stop by. Making a debut will be This Body Broken's new lead singer (previously just guitarist), Warren Chan! Owhh and KLPHQ is no longer a Quartet, the Q now stands for Quintet.
I know it's the exam season for MMU folks, but anyone wanna go?
Sunway College Foyer, Sunway College, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
15 days and i'll no longer be working at KLue. Wonder if i'll be able to adapt to studying life again? Well guess i'll have to. Already got my titles for FYP. Thinking bout it-not so fun. Instead of starting on research or finishing my internship log, i've been watching The OC. It's this REALLY awesome series and i'm totally hooked. It's what i look forward to doing when i get back from work. Just chill at home with The OC. Pathethic i know. But somehow looking at how messed up other people's lifes are, makes mine seem not bad at all.
Looking back at the past week, things seem to be picking up. I had an awesome weekend at WeeLiem's in Melaka, and it did me wonders. I guess i just needed to get out of Cyberjaya. Sometimes a lil weekend getaway is all you need to widen your perspectives.
And then weekdays were filled with work and events to attend. Places to go, people to meet. I kinda hate socializing but I guess i'm learning that its not too bad after all. (doesn't mean i don't still hate it) Well i'm zonked. -out-
Blessed Birthday wishes to WeeLiem, JiaWern, Alicia and Desmond. age for everything. *wink*

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Sing LaLa

The stage is lighted
the spotlight's on
the guitar's tuned
the high chair's in place
My heart is pounding
as i prepare to sing
i draw a deep breath....
and turn on the shower.
I am merely a bathroom singer.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I watched Looney Tunes yesterday. Boy did it bring back fond memories. I'm a cartoon freak. Going on 21 but proud to say I still watch the cartoons channels. It inspires me! Did u ever realise that Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck come up with such witty lines?! Which kid understands all that? I think cartoons were actually made for adults.
Example - Daffy Duck says 'You're despicable!', 'Sufferin' sassafrass. I've been sabotaged.' or 'Oh, indubitabubbly sir'
While Bugsy says 'What an imbesile, what an ultra maroon, what an ignoranimous' and Eh, watch me paste this pathetic palooka with a powerful paralyzing perfect pachydermous percussion pitch. Now which kid would understand all that??? Or would you want your kid to speak like that??
Plus, it promotes violence and a funny kind of vulgarity (cause no one really understands what all that gibberish is. But it does make sense to cartoon watchers) So in conclusion, cartoons-not good for kids but very enlightening for adults! *grin*
My all time favourite is Tazmanian Devil and Marvin The Martian.I remember volunteering at a childcare centre once and it was after nap time and the kids woke up all bouncing around eager for the next activity. I decided that we'd do some drawing. As they were drawing and scribbling, I joined in and drew this really cool picture of Taz but one kid saw it and decided he wanted one too! And of course all the other kids wanted one as well. So i spent the rest of the evening drawing Tazmanian Devils till I didn't even have time to colour my own
drawing! *hmmppphh* And someone knicked it in the end too!

Monday, August 02, 2004

I started on my internship log today. Blergh. Have no idea how to fill up the dumb form. I think i'm gonna just do it my own way. I'll colour it with different colours and draw flowers and swirls and bubbles all around it. I think the FCM department would appreciate some creative submissions. I'm done with my 14 weeks of interning at KLue. But will be staying on till end of August and maybe a lil bit of September too. Time just flows by so fast when you're having fun huhh. Part of me dreads coming back to campus and having to start with my final year project and another part of me is like woohooo i'm almost done! But it's been swell. All these jumble of experiences has been just awesome. It's funny how you're all down-in-the-dumps and moody and cranky and touch-me-not-like one day and then you're all bubbly the next day.

Things to thank God for: My cupboard!!! (Thanks for your help Ewic!)
Currently Feeling : Looney (Thanks to Looney Tunes)