Friday, August 13, 2004

15 days and i'll no longer be working at KLue. Wonder if i'll be able to adapt to studying life again? Well guess i'll have to. Already got my titles for FYP. Thinking bout it-not so fun. Instead of starting on research or finishing my internship log, i've been watching The OC. It's this REALLY awesome series and i'm totally hooked. It's what i look forward to doing when i get back from work. Just chill at home with The OC. Pathethic i know. But somehow looking at how messed up other people's lifes are, makes mine seem not bad at all.
Looking back at the past week, things seem to be picking up. I had an awesome weekend at WeeLiem's in Melaka, and it did me wonders. I guess i just needed to get out of Cyberjaya. Sometimes a lil weekend getaway is all you need to widen your perspectives.
And then weekdays were filled with work and events to attend. Places to go, people to meet. I kinda hate socializing but I guess i'm learning that its not too bad after all. (doesn't mean i don't still hate it) Well i'm zonked. -out-
Blessed Birthday wishes to WeeLiem, JiaWern, Alicia and Desmond. age for everything. *wink*


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