Monday, August 02, 2004

I started on my internship log today. Blergh. Have no idea how to fill up the dumb form. I think i'm gonna just do it my own way. I'll colour it with different colours and draw flowers and swirls and bubbles all around it. I think the FCM department would appreciate some creative submissions. I'm done with my 14 weeks of interning at KLue. But will be staying on till end of August and maybe a lil bit of September too. Time just flows by so fast when you're having fun huhh. Part of me dreads coming back to campus and having to start with my final year project and another part of me is like woohooo i'm almost done! But it's been swell. All these jumble of experiences has been just awesome. It's funny how you're all down-in-the-dumps and moody and cranky and touch-me-not-like one day and then you're all bubbly the next day.

Things to thank God for: My cupboard!!! (Thanks for your help Ewic!)
Currently Feeling : Looney (Thanks to Looney Tunes)


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