Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I wanna be a rockstar!

Gig at Sunway was pretty okay. Bands were good. Organization was a bit screwed up though. It didnt start on time, sound check's took too long rained!!! Well the rain wasn't anyone's fault i guess. Except maybe TBB's Warren who was singing when it started to rain! Kidding! He was actually good. To me anyway. Different kinda voice from previous vocalist. Kinda melodic compared to the usual way he talks. (melodic rocker??) I like anything out of the norm and he has that. So cheers to the new TBB vocalist!
Besides that, everything went pretty well i think. Some bands sounded too 'practiced' and i don't mean they sounded bad, they were just too.... proper? Well on the whole i guess it was good la. I liked the laid back atmosphere of the place, met a few interesting people but was rather dissapointed a few friends couldn't make it. Seems like I don't get to see them much these days. FFK-ed. It's alright. People come, people go.

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