Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I watched Looney Tunes yesterday. Boy did it bring back fond memories. I'm a cartoon freak. Going on 21 but proud to say I still watch the cartoons channels. It inspires me! Did u ever realise that Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck come up with such witty lines?! Which kid understands all that? I think cartoons were actually made for adults.
Example - Daffy Duck says 'You're despicable!', 'Sufferin' sassafrass. I've been sabotaged.' or 'Oh, indubitabubbly sir'
While Bugsy says 'What an imbesile, what an ultra maroon, what an ignoranimous' and Eh, watch me paste this pathetic palooka with a powerful paralyzing perfect pachydermous percussion pitch. Now which kid would understand all that??? Or would you want your kid to speak like that??
Plus, it promotes violence and a funny kind of vulgarity (cause no one really understands what all that gibberish is. But it does make sense to cartoon watchers) So in conclusion, cartoons-not good for kids but very enlightening for adults! *grin*
My all time favourite is Tazmanian Devil and Marvin The Martian.I remember volunteering at a childcare centre once and it was after nap time and the kids woke up all bouncing around eager for the next activity. I decided that we'd do some drawing. As they were drawing and scribbling, I joined in and drew this really cool picture of Taz but one kid saw it and decided he wanted one too! And of course all the other kids wanted one as well. So i spent the rest of the evening drawing Tazmanian Devils till I didn't even have time to colour my own
drawing! *hmmppphh* And someone knicked it in the end too!


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