Monday, August 23, 2004

It's 10.30pm and i'm already ready for bed. My day started at 4am when the stoopid fire alrm bells started ringing at Cyberia. These bells have cried wolf waaaaaaaaaayyyyy too many times. I wonder what will happen when there really is a fire and no one bothers to get up from their slumber and get eaten up by the flames and turn to ash. muahahaha. I'm just envious of those who seem to sleep through earthquakes and tornados.
Well being a light sleeper, i woke up when the alarms sounded and tried my best to just roll over and get back to bed but I just couldnt! SO i got out of bed to get a glass of water. Switched on my pc and it started making this whirring noises. *PANIC* My poor Jimmy is over worked. It's bound to crash soon. (pray for Jimmy okay). Got online surfed for a bit. Realised it was 5am. Alarm had stopped but now i was wide awake!!! @$@^$#@%$ Went back to bed and it started to rain. *Damnit* My clothes are outside!!! So dragged everything in and went back to bed. Sleep overcame me, sometime before 6am.
Ever find a word to describe a state of undescribeable tiredness?
Well Michelle says that conked, wonked and zonked are different levels of tiredness. Words are derived from conk (Pass out from weakness, physical or emotional distress due to a loss of blood supply to the brain) and zonk (Fall asleep fast, as when one is extremely tired) while wonk just seemed to fit in the middle.
So there you go! 3 new words to describe different levels of tiredness. Of course if you're too 'tired' to get off the chair, it just called plain LAZY! That's what i often am too. :p

Currently Reading: The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri
Listening to: Mizoguchi Hajime- Thousand Sky
Feeling: Zonked Out~
Thanking God for: The ability to hear and listen to music and yea alarm bells too!


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