Sunday, August 22, 2004


What's in a name? I always thought my name was kinda silly. Maybe my parents mis-spelled it or something. Or maybe they were in a hurry and left out the other 's' in Melissa leaving me with just Melisa. Why couldnt I be called Mieka or Kyra or Leah. Those sound pretty cool. But thank God my parents didn't get all cutesie and call me Cookie, Pumpkin or Sugar! (I love you mom n dad!) But perhaps they wanted to be subtle. You know how some names mean 'Godly One', 'Eternal Life', 'Beautiful Flower' or 'Strng Armour' well Melissa is a Greek name which means Honeybee. Hmmm cutesie and strong at the same time! Mess with me and i'll sting your ass!
To all the Melissa, Melisa, Mellisa and Mellissa's out there....WE ROCK!


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