Wednesday, September 29, 2004

wrong place?

Busy week and lots of brain power needed but my mind seems to be slowing down.
Looked for help for my dissertation title.... its strange how there's so many people around you but there's still no one to really talk to.
Prayed and help came from 27, 000 miles away across seas and continents.
Getting a good start on my topic but instead of an advertising related report its beginning to look like a sociology one. Back to square one. hmm..... maybe I am in the wrong place after all....

Sunday, September 26, 2004

ala Mich Mode

Movie marathon...stoned
Night out with the girls.....drunk

Hangover.....more movie
Practice... played keys...was okay....pray it'll be better on Sunday

Played...was awesome!!!!
Redeemed.....repent/confess....U-Turn babeh! (In the process! I'm only human)
Best part of the weekend......chilled with a friend! Twas good. My best actual conversation all week.
Doodle in my scrap book~

Friday, September 24, 2004

First week: Trimester 2 2004/2005

First week of classes but i still feel like i'm on holiday! It's movies, Sex In The City and Simsons back-to-back. hrmm....maybe that's the reason why i get frequent headaches. *shrug*
I presented my topics for my dissertation on Tuesday and i guess it went rather well. Being me, i was busy fretting about my topics and if they were solid enough, if i'd done enough research, if i'd be able to answer any questions put to me, or if i'd screw up my lines! *sigh!* It's tiresome being me.
Finally after some ammendments i chose 2 publications - KLue and Think! and one pharmaceutical company called Lilly. I hung out at the studio all day on Tuesday waiting for a chance to present and only managed to get a spot at the end of the day. I was the last to present. All these eyes looking at me...waiting for me to screw up or to present some lame ass idea.
First i presented my topic on KLue proposing my ideas and giving reasons why it needs more advertising. Few questions asked....all was well. Then I moved on to Lilly. Its a pharmaceutical company which manufactures drugs for mental illness among others. Now i don't know why i chose this topic but i had enough resources so i proceeded. All 7 lecturers perked up at the mention on this company. And Mr.K asked, "Why did you choose this company?" I replied, "Umm cause i'm kinda facinated with the field and well Malaysia doesn't seem to have any awerenes put towards curbing mental illness in any form even clinical depression. Prozac is used all over but most people don't know that help's available. So i guess i wanted to create awareness that there's help for all you cuckoo's out there." Ok so i didn't reply in exactly that manner but smething along that lines lah. And before i could proceed to my next topic...the lecturers said ok You got your topic!
So for the next 8 months, i'll be working on anti-depressants and the likes! Wonder if i'll ever need to 'sample' the product to err know it better?

Dinner Joke
K.E : Owhh hey I've got ice-cream!
Me : So full!! Can you actually stomach some more??
K. E : Owhh hey, i've got bananas!
So he has.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Burst my bubble why dontcha.
Screw up this organized mess of a life i have.
sheeshh...people suck!

*Just a lil emo...don't mind me.

Thursday, September 16, 2004


Longdrawn 2: Music For Elevators
17 September, 8pm
Performing bands are KLPHQ, Furniture, Lied, This Body Broken, Free Love, Her Reverie and The Observatory.
Admission: RM12
Paul's Place
1st Floor, 105M Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Anyone wanna go??

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

of holidays and FYP

It's taken me ages to update my posts. I blame it all on laziness as always.
Well i got back to Cyber on Sunday evening. Spent the whole evening tidying up my room and getting rid of junk. My place looks pretty organized in an organized mess! *grin*
So far its been really quiet here in Cyber and i've managed to keep myself busy with more movies, surfing and trashing Eric with the water gun. Would have loved to post up pics but the photographed subject was partially nude. *eek*
After everyone left I got down to doing some research for my final year project. We've got 12 topics and out of that 12, we've got to do 3 proposals where one will be picked for us to conduct a special reserach interest where another 3 proposals are due. urgghh. Seems like a never ending wave of proposals. Well i've narrowed down my choices to 5 topics. I'll tell you more bout it later.
For now...i'm off to town to do more research!
Owhh before that, here's a pic of my pretty pink slippers~

Mel: Pink! Is my new obsession!
Melisa: Pink is my favourite colour!
The Real Me: Sheesh! Cwazeee people.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

yes you...
I miss you.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004


First of all.....for you people who have no confidence in me or my housemates, I'm all set to prove you wrong! Long gone are the days where A1-0-10 is known as the messiest-all-girls-house. Mich and I have indeed worked really hard and I really did sprain my back lifting my boxes of National Geographic and KLue magz, so i'm pretty set on keeping the place clean!
Now that that's all clear, lets move on to the holidays! Actually, i'm not in a holiday mood at all! It's been so long since my last holiday, i've forgotten what it feels like.....YEAH RIGHT!!!! I'm having a bomb!!! least I think I am.
Well being me, i'm happy curled up on the couch with a good book and some DVDs to watch in between. Am currently reading Chronicles Of Narnia by C.S Lewis and I watched I Robot, Catwomen, 50 First Dates and Scooby Doo 2 and Harry Potter over the past 2 days. (geezz...and I wonder why my eye sight's deteriorating)
Besides that, i got my MyKad done and I renewed my liscense. Didn't know things got done so fast these days. hehe. Hooray for not procrastinating!!
I wonder if it's just Penang or the holls but somehow...being here makes me feel just so detached from Cyber and KL life on the whole. BM's a pretty slow place and the heat is rather stifling so I don't go out much. I'm beginning to not miss Cyber even, and that's really strange cause I ALWAYS miss Cyberjaya. I don't exactly have my own room anymore cause my sis took over and revamped my room. It looks like the ocean now with dolphins and clouds and waayyy too much blue. But it looks cool though. I'm camped out in my bro's room, living out of my backpack but feeling completely at home. I used to think that the stuff I have and the way i arranged everything made my space more liveable and I had a space to call home. But after moving away, I realised that I had taken everything with me to Cyberjaya, leaving only my flowered jammies in my cupboard. I called Cyber my home and BM my get-away place. A vacation spot at times. Certain recent events got me thinking again and I realised that Home had a whole new meaning to it. It's more than just a place where all your stuff is in and more than just a place of security. I guess i missed the most important part of a's where my family is. They might not be the most wonderful people around and we've probrably been through more roller coaster rides the past year that I can't even begin to recall what the first one felt like but I know that whatever's happened has only managed to draw us all closer and well...being one of the first few times I can remember, i'm feeling like Home is the best place to be in right now.