Wednesday, September 15, 2004

of holidays and FYP

It's taken me ages to update my posts. I blame it all on laziness as always.
Well i got back to Cyber on Sunday evening. Spent the whole evening tidying up my room and getting rid of junk. My place looks pretty organized in an organized mess! *grin*
So far its been really quiet here in Cyber and i've managed to keep myself busy with more movies, surfing and trashing Eric with the water gun. Would have loved to post up pics but the photographed subject was partially nude. *eek*
After everyone left I got down to doing some research for my final year project. We've got 12 topics and out of that 12, we've got to do 3 proposals where one will be picked for us to conduct a special reserach interest where another 3 proposals are due. urgghh. Seems like a never ending wave of proposals. Well i've narrowed down my choices to 5 topics. I'll tell you more bout it later.
For now...i'm off to town to do more research!
Owhh before that, here's a pic of my pretty pink slippers~

Mel: Pink! Is my new obsession!
Melisa: Pink is my favourite colour!
The Real Me: Sheesh! Cwazeee people.


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